Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unused Character designs for animated pitch

Hey all,

Here are some designs from the aborted pitch I had done for Disney and Nickelodeon. The designs are by the super talented Chris Sasaki. It is a damn shame nothing ever came of these...

First up is Juan Carlos Martinez, our intrepid boy inventor/hero, and his Knights persona, the Monkey Knight!!


  1. Yo Dave. Its been a while since I saw these. I think you are gonna have to let me deraw some of these!

  2. Anytime you want brother. Sorry we didn't hook up when you were down here. Please call me next time you are around, I would love to hook up. Saw Santino at CN. Need to hook up with him too.

  3. Yeah, any seasoned animator has a whole libarary of characters from shot down pitches. I know I do, lol.

    Shame this didn't go. Those are some awesome designs!


  4. Yeah, I had a lot of interest from the studios in the project. CN wanted a very heavy action oriented direction, which is where I went initially, but then they passed, so I took it to Disney, who wanted a more humorous approach. Chris Sasaki is just the bomb. This stuff is absolutely gorgeous. And a style that I could never in a million years come up with.