Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Mysterious Pau

Who is the mysterious Pau, or Pauatan? Is he gonna help the Knights? Or be their doom?!!!

Or is he just some wacky nutjob? I'll never tell....(at least until the books released!!)

Puttin' up some old artwork for new followers

Hey Guys,

I am "refreshing" the blog, putting up some pages that were posted a while back, 'cuz I've learned that most folks don't go back to old posts. So here is some pages that were posted before, everything old is new again....

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Had to get a plug in for another project I'm working on.

Way back in 1997, my friend, Joe St. Pierre and I released a comic through Image called Megahurtz. We had conceived the idea way back in '92 when both of us were employed by Valiant Comics, we pitched the concept to them, and they (thankfully) balked. We changed much about the initial concept, like the title of the book. It was gonna be called Bludgeon. But Eric Larsen, to whom I am eternally grateful for taking us under his wing, had a character with that name in Savage Dragon. My wife, Carie, came up with the name after much hand wringing.

The book ended after 3 issues because mainly, it was too much for me to juggle, as I was just starting out in animation, and trying to learn the craft.

The good news is that we have been approached to do the book for itunes!! So Joe and I have been busy coloring pages. (The book was in B&W) This is the first look at one of my color roughs for the opening splash.

I have put up a new blog to celebrate the book. It is called
and will feature original pencil pages, thumbnails, concept art. Check it out. It will be up and running by the middle of the week!!! With updates, just like Knights of the Sun!